Davidson County

Rutherford County

Situated within the charming expanse of Tennessee, Rutherford County plays host to a population of 335,595 individuals. Notably esteemed as a top-tier residential locale within the state, Rutherford County stands as a testament to one of Tennessee’s most desirable living destinations. The majority of its residents take pride in the ownership of their homes, fostering a sense of stability and belonging.

The county’s landscape boasts an amalgamation of families and young professionals, creating a vibrant tapestry of experiences. The coexistence of these demographics adds a layer of dynamism to the local community, ensuring a multifaceted and thriving environment.

In addition, the public schools within Rutherford County earn resounding acclaim, boasting ratings that exemplify excellence. This commitment to education speaks volumes about the county’s dedication to nurturing the intellectual growth and development of its youth.



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