Investing in short-term rental properties is great.

Short-term rental investment overview. Short term rentals are property rentals that are leased out for a defined time, usually two to four weeks. Usually, short term rentals are furnished properties that are available for stays for 30 days or less. Most short term rental properties are typically in busy tourist areas, and the landlord is responsible for keeping it clean and ensuring that all needs are satisfied.

Short term rentals are also referred to as vacation rentals. They are typically advertised on home-sharing platforms that visitors use to find a place to stay when they visit a certain location. Unlike hotels and hostels, short term rentals offer home-like ambiance and amenities that make guests feel at home.

Benefits of investing in short-term rentals

High Demand

Vacation homes have been growing in popularity for years.

A Hedge Against Inflation

Investing in rental properties can make inflation work for you because you can increase your rental rates as inflation rises.

Cash Flow

Guests pay nightly, weekly, or monthly rent, which helps cover property expenses and can provide ongoing income to investors.


The value of the asset grows over time, and investors get to share in those financial gains.

Tax Benefits

Certain real estate holding costs are tax-deductible, reducing your income tax burden.

Real Estate Ownership

Chady provides an ownership stake in the underlying real estate (as opposed to other firms, which offer only ownership of the debt held by the property).

Is Nashville a Good Place to Invest in Short-Term Rentals?

Simply put, Nashville has one of the hottest housing markets in the country right now. For short-term rental investors and investment property buyers, Nashville’s tourism industry is thriving and only getting better, which is essential for maximizing bookings, profitability, and your overall return on investment. In addition, Nashville’s cost of living is also relatively low compared to most major coastal cities and job growth continues to be on the rise, ensuring Nashville real estate makes for a strong long-term investment too.

Top Vacation Rental Investment Communities

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